Rebel Hearts

“Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress.  He brought them out of the darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains.” — Psalm 107:13-14

On my walk this morning, I listened to my usual playlist.  One of the first Christian songs I downloaded to my phone, White Flag, came on.  I’ve heard this song hundreds of times, yet today a line screamed out at me.

“We cannot win this fight inside our rebel hearts.”

I continued to think about this for the remainder of my walk.  How often do I have a rebel heart?  Probably daily.  At some point, almost every day, I rebel against God.  I decided then I wanted to blog about this, and tried to come up with a verse to go along. Then God spoke to me again – very plainly in the devotional I am working through.  Psalm 107 was the reading for today, and it talked about those who rebelled against God and were in utter darkness.  They then called out to him, and he saved them from this.

Two years ago, I lived in a state of rebellion and on the off chance that I heard that song and then saw a related Scripture verse I would have thought what a coincidence.  It’s no coincidence, though.  That is how God speaks to me.  And if I still had the rebel heart I had back then, I would have never heard Him.  How much could we be missing from God by choosing to rebel against Him?  What all have I missed?

I loved in this devotional (Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore, thanks to a recommendation from a friend) how she went on to explain that rebellion isn’t always how we think of it. I hear “rebel” and think of a hardened person, probably smoking and drinking, ignoring all societal rules.  Beth Moore points out, however, that as Christians we are rebels when we stray from God’s word.  Life can get real tough when we move away from God.  Even normal, daily things can become a big deal.  For me, I have much more patience with my children when I have spent time reading the Bible and praying.  When I get away from that, I become a less patient mom and it’s not fun for myself or the kids.  I can see this, yet I continue to do it.  It’s a major area of struggle for me, as I tend to not make the time for God on the weekends when there is so much other stuff going on.

“We raise our white flag; we surrender all to You, all for You.  We raise our white flag, the war is over.  Love has come, love has won.”

Surrender it all to Him.  His love will save you.  Through Him, I become a better parent. You can overcome whatever is in your rebellious heart when you move closer to Him.  Maybe it something simple, that you don’t even recognize as an obstacle.  Or maybe it’s something huge that seems insurmountable.  Surrender it.  It’s not going to be an easy path – God never promised us that.  It’ll be tough and you’ll have days where you take a step back instead of forward.  Persist.  Continuing turning to Him, repenting for your stumbles, and asking Him for help.  Start seeking Him – He is trying to reach you!  It may be through a song, a Scripture verse, a friend.  He is everywhere and He wants to help pull you out of the utter darkness.  Don’t let the darkness win.  Don’t tell yourself you can’t overcome it.  Have faith, turn to Him, and let Him show you how good He really is.



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