New Beginnings

“Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him, and he will act.” –Psalm 37:5

Over the past year, God has taught us many lessons.  It has been a long road, and we now find ourselves at a new beginning.  I love reflecting back on our journey and seeing all the ways God moved in my life to get me to the point I am now.  It certainly wasn’t easy, and there were some definite struggles between me and God.  I still don’t know the purpose for us relocating to Ohio, but I have full faith that God has something pretty amazing in the works.

A year ago, in April, my husband accepted a job with a company in Ohio.  We were excited, and then we got really nervous.  We had been praying for a new career opportunity.  He worked in the coal industry and we weren’t sure how long he’d have a job.  After a few weeks, we didn’t feel peace about our decision and started questioning whether or not God was really calling us to move to Ohio.  I felt certain that He was, but I had a lot of doubts about actually following that feeling.  Add in my husband’s concerns, and in the end he decided to stay put.  Over the next few months, it became apparent that things were only going to get worse and we’d continue to have uncertainty with his job.

One day, he told me that the job in Ohio was posted again.  It had been taken down over the summer, so we assumed the position had been filled.  He became curious about it being reposted, and asked me what I thought.  I told him that I felt God wanted us in Ohio for some reason, and it wouldn’t hurt to just inquire about the job.  So he had a conversation with them, and I began to really pray.  Around this time, I heard a story about bold prayer and decided I’d try it.  I usually prayed pretty vaguely, “God, please help my husband find a new job.  Please lead us in the right direction.”  I had two bold prayers during this time, and God answered in a strong way.  I prayed that if God wanted us to pursue this opportunity, then give us a job offer within the week.  I’ll admit I felt a little uncomfortable praying this way.  It seemed like an ultimatum.  God knew my heart, though.  He knew I really wanted to follow His plan for us and that I was struggling with discernment.  That evening – the very same day I boldly prayed – Troy received the job offer.

In November, Troy started his new job in Ohio.  He’d come home on the weekends and would be in Ohio all week.  Single mommas, just wow.  I only had a taste of what single parenting is like and I have so much admiration for the moms that do it alone.  I had a plan, and we were going to move at Christmas.  Our house would sell, and we’d make this transition at the semester break and it’d be perfect.  God did not have the same plans… We did receive an offer on our house immediately, but it was a really low offer.  After a couple weeks, we had reached an agreement and we made an offer on a house in Ohio.  First, the house in Ohio didn’t work out and then the couple backed out of the agreement to buy our house.  I was devastated.  The entire month of December, I tried to control the situation.  I would pray about it, but I didn’t really lean on God.  I thought I could manipulate the situation to work in my favor.  December turned out to be a very stressful month, and I was full of anxiety.

One day after Christmas, I had been doing a devotion and journaling when God spoke to me.  He showed me how far away from Him I had turned in the process, and reminded me that He is in control.  I need to pray and lean on Him to get us there.  I repented.  God then brought us our first showing in a LONG time, and they turned out to be the people that would buy our house.  We ended up living at my in laws (the kids and me) for a few weeks, and then finally moved in to a wonderful house in a great neighborhood in Ohio.  As we got closer to the move date, I started really being honest with God that I was a little angry.  I had such an amazing community of friends in West Virginia, people HE put in my life, and I didn’t understand why I had to leave that to start all over.  We know no one in this area.

My sweet friend had told me about a podcast called The Dark Room by Christine Caine.  I’ll blog more on this later, but God really spoke to me through Christine’s sermon.  I realize that there is a purpose for us being here, and on God’s timing we will find out what the purpose is.  In the meantime, God has eased our anxieties by placing some really nice neighbors in our lives.  I don’t know where anything is going to go, and I’m walking blindly, but I am walking in faith.  I believe God wants us here.  I believe God has a purpose.  I believe God will use me as His tool here.

Throughout this journey, I’ve learned to pray boldly.  I’ve learned to accept if God’s answer is no, or not right now.  God’s timing is perfect.  I’ve learned to start taking action where I feel God has called me.  I’ve learned to commit my way to God, to trust him, and believe he will act.

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