Prayer Challenge Day 10

We are officially at the halfway point in the prayer challenge.  I’m learning some lessons and also thinking of some ways to tweak this.

My initial goal was to sit down with pen and paper three times a day to pray and journal.  I have not journaled all my prayer times, but I have been very consistent in prayer.  I realize when I say to find 5 minutes a day, three times a day, to sit in the quiet and be with God it feels difficult, maybe unrealistic.  From here on out, I’d like for the original focus of “5 minutes, three times a day” to change.  For the next 11 days (10.5 really), just whisper up some prayers throughout the day.  You know when you can pray?  When you are driving, when you are making lunch, when you are vacuuming…you can pray anytime.  If we can’t find a few times a day to whisper up some praises to God, then we are flat out too busy or too focused on this world.

I still have a long way to go, but the encouragement I am receiving from God in the form of peace and rest is enough to keep me going.  I have been writing more in the past few weeks than I have in the past few years.  I am talking to Him more consistently throughout my day.  I am doing my best to be more aware when He has answered a prayer and thank Him immediately.  I am praising Him more.  Even today, on a day where I am just kind of sad and missing my friends, I feel more peace than I would have two months ago.  I’ve given it to Him, and I do not feel guilty any longer for grieving the loss of my comfort zone.  I’m finding my comfort in Him and His plans, even though I have no idea what they are.

I pray you are finding some peace through prayer.  I pray you are seeking Him with your whole heart, and not just because you committed to doing this challenge.  I pray you finish strong.  God cares about you.  He cares about every single aspect of every mundane or important task you take on.  You know what He wants?  He wants you to trust Him with it. Give it to Him, and trust.  Feel overwhelmed?  Give it to God.  Feel frustrated?  Give it to God.  Feel unsettled?  Give it to God.  Feel happy?  Praise God!

Pray without ceasing.  Don’t stop conversing with God.  In the quiet moments, the enemy can sneak in and start feeding you lies.  If you are in constant conversation with God in those quiet moments, the enemy can’t intrude.  I am seeing this work in my life in a big way.  When I stop and let myself focus on something silly, I can see the spiral start.  So I stop, and give it to God.

If I can encourage you in some way, let me know.  I want all of you to feel this closeness with our Heavenly Father because it’s where true peace comes.  Finish strong, not because there’s an end date, but because this is the start of a new prayer life.


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