Seeds of Discontentment

Ever have one of those days where one thing happens to sour your mood, and then it kind of snowballs?  Yeah, me neither . . . just kidding.  Today was one of those days for me.  I found myself frustrated with a variety of situations and then everything irritated me.  It wasn’t the best start to my day.

As I corralled the kids toward the car to go to school (around 10:30 thanks to a delay . . . my morning frustrations lasted a good 3 hours), I realized how much time I spent this morning focusing on what I don’t have instead of what I do.

Anyone relate?

I spent some time being grateful, then, for what I do have.  For the blessings in my life graciously given by a loving God.

Isn’t it the enemy’s objective to lead us to discontentment?  Once those seeds are planted and start to grow, he then tries to convince us we have been abandoned by God.  Or that God doesn’t actually have our best interest in mind.  If He did, after all, wouldn’t He provide us with x, y or z?  The enemy tries to whisper to our hearts God doesn’t really love us, or care enough about us.

I know I’m not alone.  Scripture tells me this has been a struggle since the beginning of time.

The Fall was a result of Eve believing she could have more.  Satan planted the seeds of discontentment.  She had everything she needed, but Satan told her what else she could have if she wanted.

The Israelites were provided a miraculous grain – manna – during their exodus.  I’ve learned this manna has never again existed except during this time.  Manna provided the Israelites all they needed to sustain them.  When they complained about a lack of meat, God went the extra mile and sent them quail.  They didn’t need the quail, but He provided that desire for meat.  And yet, the Israelites continued to grumble.  They desired the food of Egypt, despite the heavy chains attached to their access.

King David had an affair with Bathsheba.  God had provided David everything he needed.  He protected him.  He blessed him with more prosperity than any other king of Israel.  And yet, David wanted more.

Battling discontentment takes effort.  For me, listing out what I want followed by what God has provided me helps.  Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I turn my focus to the blessings from God.

My house doesn’t look like a magazine cover . . . but it’s a cozy place where beautiful family memories are made.

I’m not close to the size I’d like to be . . . but I’m healthy and I carried three beautiful blessings into this world.

I miss my friendships . . . but God strengthened more friendships than I’ve ever had in my life to the point of surviving the distance.

It’s so easy for the seeds of discontent to take root and grow.  Like weeds, we pull them out one day only to turn around and see different ones growing.

The cure?

Fixing our eyes on the cross.

Focusing on our blessings.

Lifting up prayers of thanksgiving to our loving Creator, and humbly asking for His help to clear out the discontentment from our hearts.



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