When Did It Become Okay…

I’m absolutely disappointed and horrified from what I’m reading and seeing on social media regarding the recent elections.  Women are judging, comparing, and berating fellow women based on their decisions.

Who they voted for.

Whether or not they attended the Women’s Marches.

What their opinions – opinions – are on the appointments being made by our President.

You all, come on.  For real.  There is a difference between having opinions and stating them, and then tearing others down and apart because they don’t have the same opinions as you.  Don’t like President Trump?  Fine.  You voted for him?  Fine.  Why do we have to take it further and pass judgments on each other for our opinions and decisions?

Guess what?  At the end of the day, Jesus is the One True King.  He sits on the Thone.  God’s plan is sovereign, and I trust in Him.  My faith is wholly in HIM, and not anyone elected.

We should be informed, we should have opinions, and we should be able to vocalize them without fear of being shamed by our fellow sisters . . . and sisters in Christ!

See, it’s not just the non-believers who are passing judgment.  Christians are doing it, too.

It goes all the way back to the earliest days, though.  Women judging others, tearing each other down.  We see the story of Leah and Rachel – sisters married to the same man – constantly comparing their lives to the other.  One can easily pop out babies, the other’s womb is closed.  One is loved by her husband, the other is only married to him because her father tricked Jacob.  And they attack each other.

Hannah and Peninnah – again married to the same man.  Again, one can have children and the other can’t.  Peninnah attacks Hannah, tearing her down, because of her inability to have children.

And now modern-day society.  Social media has allowed bullying to go to a whole new level.  We women are harder on each other than anyone else ever thought about being toward us.  As a group, we should be encouraging one another and lifting each other up.

Yet we judge.

Oh, she didn’t breastfeed.

Oh, she spanked her child.

Oh, did you see what she just let her child eat?

Can you believe she works?

Can you believe she stays home all day?

If she supports that candidate, she must believe everything they do.

She voted for that person.

She participated in the Women’s March.

She didn’t.

We are all created equal in God’s eyes.  We are all sinners.  We all need Jesus.

I am just as guilty as anyone for passing judgment at times.  It’s not something I am proud of, but I am vowing to stop.  We don’t know the stories of our fellow sisters.  We don’t walk in their shoes.  We aren’t privy to their childhoods.  We don’t know their struggles.

Let’s start encouraging one another.  Let’s start loving one another, regardless of the beliefs or decisions someone makes.  Let’s start living our lives looking for the good in one another and celebrating with each other.

I’m ready to see social media filled with love, acceptance, and encouragement.  Anyone else?


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