I sat in church yesterday, listening to our pastor talk about Jesus’ resurrection.  It was such a good sermon, and a part of it continues to stick with me to the point I can’t say enough about it.  I’ve journaled about it, I’ve depicted it in a picture in my journaling Bible, I’ve talked about it with my husband and best friend.  And still, it continues to swirl around in my head so I am going to write about it and share it here.

Lent is coming up, and in my home we celebrate the season leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection by sacrificing something.  The topic came up again last night at dinner.  We all shared our what are sacrifices would be.  I’m proud of my oldest daughter and my son, who are both giving up things that will truly be difficult for them.  I’m giving up social media and lifesavers (it’s a struggle of mine, seriously), and God challenged me yesterday to pray before each meal.  It seems so simple, but I am really bad about not thanking the Lord for providing me nourishment.  I’m also going to be reading through the book of Isaiah and journaling my way through it.

For the first time, I am so excited for this season of sacrifice.

I want to sacrifice for him because he sacrificed for me.

Jesus’ final word was “tetelestai” which translates to “It is finished” or “paid in full.”  His death on the cross paid my debt in full.  My past, present and future sins are all wiped clean because of his sacrifice.

My sacrifices seem so ridiculous compared to his, but it is a way for me to prove my love to him.  It is a way for me to show him I am so eternally grateful for his actions to save me, to give me eternal life.

Yesterday, my sweet son admitted his sacrifice was going to be hard.  I replied to him that yes, it would be.  But Jesus’ sacrifice for us wasn’t easy, either.  And I am so incredibly proud of both him and my daughter.  We are so blessed.  This season of sacrifice will help us all connect to Jesus.

Yesterday’s sermon struck me.  Convicted me.

I sacrifice because he sacrificed.

His death paid my debt in full.  IT IS FINISHED.

Such a beautiful truth and reminder.

Last year, God worked in some amazing ways in my life through my sacrifices.  This year, I can’t wait to see what He is going to reveal to me.


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