I sit here filled to the brim, marveling at how awesome God is and reveling in what He has done through me.

Years ago, I had a goal to write a book.  I didn’t write much.  I never had any ideas for what I could write.  When we moved to Ohio, I spent a lot of time finding my place with God.  I didn’t understand why He called us to move and I felt incredibly isolated.  The topic of idolatry and sin kept coming to mind.  I thought a lot about my views on it growing up and how it shaped my adult life.  God led me to various Scriptures on it.  I started to recognize snippets about sin in a variety of places in my life: worship songs, sermons, talks with my children, talks with my friends . . . and so in October 2016, I committed to seeing this through.  What started out as a project to just write turned into more than I could have ever imagined.  Over the course of five months, God filled me with the words to fill a book. A BOOK.  I remember a couple months ago, I had a goal to hit 25,000 words in order to possibly take this project to a publisher.  I got close to 30,000 but didn’t think I could achieve that number.

At final count, 39,854 words.  Praise God!  I could never have written that much on my own.  God spoke to me in so many ways, and He filled me with the message He wanted me to understand.  I don’t know where it’ll go from here.  I am praying for the future, and if it’s God’s will for this book to reach publication, I am certain it will.

For now, I am fighting back tears because I am so incredibly thankful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to reach this lifelong goal.  My oldest daughter has watched me work on this book.  She’s asked me questions, both about the content and just about the process of writing in general.  I feel so blessed that I can share this with her.  She can see through this that God is faithful, always.  She can see that when we set our mind to something, and pray about it, we can achieve not just our goal – but far more than we imagined.  I never thought it would be possible to put as many words as I did into a coherent, succinct message (and at times it may not be, but you know what I mean!).

All glory be to God.

Thank you, Father, for allowing me to be an instrument to share your message – whether it be with one person, or with 50.  I am so humbled, honored, and blessed.

I am so grateful to my friends who have encouraged me in this process as well.  You have listened to me question my call, wonder if I was on the right path, read my words and encouraged me so much.

I am so grateful to my husband and kids for supporting me and encouraging me.

Praise God, I wrote a BOOK!

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