I had plans to write a really nice Mother’s Day post.  And then, our day got crazy.  Everyone escaped without major injury, but I did spend 2.5 hours in an urgent care with my youngest and my father in law.  Again, we are all okay…and it was worth the visit for the peace of mind that littlest was just fine.  

Becoming a mom means taking on a 24/7 job for life.  Working moms, stay at home moms…it’s all the same when it comes to our kids.  We do so much and most of it goes unseen by the rest of the world.  Even if we are “relaxing” at home, there’s still a part of us thinking about our kids.  We are constantly ready to jump into action.  Today, one minute I sat with my husband and his grandmother enjoying some down time and the next minute I’m running down the street (I wasn’t smart enough to wait on my husband who drove) to check on the kids and my father in law.  We never turn it off.  

I know it can be frustrating at times.  It’s the most rewarding job ever, but it’s also so, so tough.  

When they are infants, we worry about schedules, feeding, why are they crying, are they reaching milestones at the appropriate time, etc.

When they are toddlers, we worry about their development, their interactions, if they are reaching milestones at the right time, how do they have so much energy and how we will keep up and not lose them, how will we keep them safe.

And before we know it, school starts.  Do they have friends?  Are they keeping up in school?  Why are kids so mean?  Is our kid getting picked on?  Is our kid picking on others?  Homework.  Sports.  Extracurricular activities.  Getting enough sleep.  Eating right.  

As they progress through school, a whole new set of issues arise.  Social media.  Bullying.  Peer pressure.  I can’t even go further because that’s enough to terrify me and cause me to consider homeschooling.

And all these worries?  That’s if we are lucky to not have any other circumstances like illness, disease, disorders.  Not that there is anything wrong with these blessings, but the worries of their mothers far exceed any worries we have for our children who do not have other circumstances.  A dear friend of mine has a child with severe allergies; she sends her son to school each day with the extra worry of her son’s protection from potentially deadly allergens.  Another mom I know and respect so much is with her daughter in the hospital as she battles cancer.  

We all do the best we can.  

Even when we feel like no one noticed us, no one sees how hard we are trying . . . God does.  He sees us, He notices us, and He cares for us.  He sees that all we do as moms is done out of love.  

Let’s extend that love this week.  To the women who want to be moms and are struggling, let us love them by lifting them up in prayer.

To them women who have experienced pregnancy and child losses, let us love them by lifting them up in prayer.

To the working moms, let us lift them up in prayer.

To the stay at home moms, let us lift them up in prayer.

Let all you do be done in love.  Let Christ’s light shine in you.  

Happy Mother’s Day  ❤️

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