Child-like Faith

Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven!” –Matthew 18:3

I love the idea of helping people, but when it comes to putting action behind my well-intentioned thoughts, I stumble.  I come up with a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t, or convince myself a small action wouldn’t really help.  When my oldest daughter came to me with an idea to have a lemonade stand to raise money for a local girl battling cancer, my initial thought was no.  She wanted to do it RIGHT then, so I appeased her by telling her we could do it when we came back to visit the next week.  I figured by then, she’d move on to another project.  No.  She coordinated with her friend, checked the weather forecasts, made flyers, and worked on a plan of action with one of her besties.  I told her I’d help by advertising on Facebook, and as the time drew near, her excitement rubbed off on me.  The girls set a goal of $150.  

Today, the big event happened.  Last night, Lauren took a sign to advertise at a picnic she and her siblings attended with her grandfather and they raised their first $50 just by telling people the reason behind their fundraiser: a 13-year old girl battling cancer, and money to go to the family to help with mounting medical costs and transportation to and from Cincinnati where she is getting treatment.  Today, there was so much excitement over the lemonade stand.  The local news station came and covered the fundraiser!  It was the perfect opportunity for the girls to share their “why.”  They simply wanted to help.  

In the end, $710 was donated to the fund.  In addition, the news station will run the story on two separate occasions, and I pray the story touches people and encourages them to continue donating.  I tend to be quiet in my faith unless I am talking with people I know are Christian, but today I had the opportunity to share on camera that I was proud of these girls for their servant’s hearts and for being obedient to God’s call for them to help.  Though it may never make it on the air, at least one more person heard His message and lots of people witnessed Christ’s love in action through these kids today.

Child-like faith is something we lose as we grow older.  We start to see the reality and become jaded.  Instead of saying, “yes! What a great idea!,” my initial thought was how many things could go wrong.  I learned an invaluable lesson today from these girls: small gestures can have big results.  Their simple lemonade stand will continue to highlight Katie’s battle in a few weeks when the second story airs.  Again, people will have an opportunity to help the family out financially.  I pray these girls never lose their servant’s hearts and continue to obey God’s call to action.  

As joyful as we are that the girls exceeded their fundraising goal, I have been humbled by the simple fact that what this girl also needs are prayers.  While I watched my daughter excitedly raise money, another mother sat with her daughter in a hospital room, watching her daughter fight for her life.  

Let us not get caught up in all the negative, and look to the positive,

Let us have child-like faith and the believe small gestures matter in a big way.

Let us continue to lift up those fighting battles right now.  In the battlefield, it can be difficult to look Up, so let us surround those people with our prayers.  Let us lift them up when they can’t stand.  

One day, in some way, we will all take our turn in the battlefield. 

Blessings 💕

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