Sometimes, I feel the urge to write but don’t know what to write.  One of the commitments I made when I began the blog was not to force anything.  If God hasn’t put something on my heart, I simply don’t blog.  It’s a simple way for me to take myself out of the equation and give all the glory to God.  He called me to share my testimonies, the ordinary days when He shows up in extraordinary ways.

As I’ve already shared, right now resting in Christ is what I am feeling called to do.  It can be so difficult!  I see others on my journey making such headway, and while I am so happy for them, the enemy starts to whisper lies to me.  You are just being lazy! If this is really what God called you to do, you should be working on your book!  Fortunately, God is helping me to recognize those thoughts for what they are: distractions.  I am praying for God to give me words for my book, but I am feeling peace in the quiet.  His presence is in the peace.

He restores my soul.  And honestly?  My soul needed some refreshing.  I have had some rough seasons here lately.  I’m a little battered and bruised from the circumstances of the past 18 months.  A dear friend shared with me she believes I am in a period of refinement.  I see that, and I also see God urging me to rest so I can recover.  My family has experienced two extremely stressful life situations since March 2016…in fact, March seems to be the month of tough times.  In 2014, we received scary news about our unborn child.  In 2016, we moved to a new state.  In 2017, we experienced a devastating loss.  

Yet through it all, I see God.  I see Him through my friends who have supported us.  I feel Him in the peace my soul is finally experiencing.  I hear Him whispering gentle instructions for my life.  He’s been my anchor, and my faith is stronger for the struggles.

So now, I sit in peace knowing God has my future.  I am content, even though the enemy is trying to disrupt me into “doing.”  At the right time, God is going to open the next doors for me to enter.  Right now, I’ve entered a new place.  God led me here, and He’s now leading me to a bench, just outside some more doors.  He’s preparing me for the next move, and in the process refreshing me.  Molding me and restoring me.  I sit, and I wait patiently, knowing His plans are more amazing than anything I could imagine.

Maybe you have been here, or maybe you are sitting beside me.  It can be unsettling, I understand.  Waiting is hard.  Wondering if we heard His call wrong, and now silence is the consequence for our misstep.  Know this is where the enemy likes us – unsure and unsettled.  God, though….if He led you here, He will open the next door at just the right time.  So sit down, take a deep breath, and just be.

Allow Him to restore you.

Blessings, and have a safe and happy 4th of July!  Happy Birthday America!

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