As I read through my devotionals, waiting on my oldest to wake up, I am simply struck by how difficult it is to be a Christian.  Daily, I find myself recognizing the areas where I didn’t live up to God’s standard of Christ.  Jesus is our example, and as Christians we should strive to live and love as he did.  

Yet, I lost my patience with my youngest yesterday.  Exhausted and prone to tantrums because, well, she’s nearly 3…but my expectations were greater.  

My older two are in the stage where they either get along remarkably well, or they are enemies.  Yesterday, they continually picked on each other and I became frustrated with them.

When I am angry or frustrated, I do not use my words wisely.  So this morning, I read a devotional that happened to focus on words and felt immediately convicted.  

It’s so hard to uphold every quality of Christ all the time.  

And in the quiet, God reminded me Christ was full human, and full God.  I’m simply human.  I will make mistakes, but my God will not love me any less.  He will convict me when I have behaved poorly, but I’m still His child.  He parents me in a gentle manner, and shows me how to parent my own kids. 

He whispers to me: You are doing a good job.  You are loved, you are accepted.  This life is hard, but your debt is already paid.  Repent, and return.  It is that simple; don’t complicate the matter with unnecessary comparison or lingering guilt.

Days like yesterday encourage me to do better, and be better today.  God led me to read the Scripture I needed, and He will help me through each and every day if I allow Him.  When I remember I have already been forgiven of my sins, that my debt is paid, I can move through this Christian life with more confidence.  Though I fall, I will rise because God is with me.  

Happy Friday, and prayers for a safe weekend for everyone!

Blessings 💕

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