Flashback Parenting

I remember in May being so excited for school to get out.  Oh, the fun we are going to have this summer! I thought to myself.  A summer full of activities, trips, and long days spent at the pool.  A summer enjoying my three blessings in our still-new environment, exploring, bonding, and creating memories.

Flash forward to mid-summer: how many more days until school starts?!  I don’t know about you, but my crew is either getting along freakishly well or trying to hurt each other with actions and words.  And the boredom, oh the boredom!  I heard “I’m so bored” today so many times, I threatened my kids that the next one with those words out of their mouths will be cleaning toilets. I have not used the nicest words today with my children, nor have I had very Christian thoughts toward these tiny little blessings.  

On the drive home from the doctor, I informed my children they are done.

Done playing on electronics.

Done watching cable, Netflix, and You Tube.

Done going to parks, pools, or any other fun-but-under appreciated activities, because my kids don’t know how to say “thank you.”

Done eating out.

My children are acting entitled and ungrateful, and I’m done.  I realize this is my fault.  I give in to them way more than I should. My husband and I want to give them a great childhood, but in the process have gotten caught up in the whirlwind of what this world says makes a great childhood.  I have not set a good example to my kids when I use unkind words or raise my voice, and I’m seeing it reflected back to me.  As a mom, I can see my selfish actions have created bad tendencies.  If I allow my kids to play on their electronics when they are acting up, it gives me a few moments of quiet.  I really don’t feel like cooking, so I’ll take the kids out to eat even though they have been unkind.  They are being rude and mean to one another in a store, but I have to finish what I’m doing instead of just walking out.  I’m too quick to “reward” good behavior instead of setting good behavior as an expectation.

So, with God’s grace and guidance, I’m going to change.  As a family, we are memorizing Ephesians 4:29 and are going to not only put it in to practice, but hold each other accountable.  Of course my kids first question was:  How long?!  In all honesty, I’m praying I can stick to my guns through the end of the week like I said.  A lifestyle change affects my husband and me, too.  I’m hoping after a few days, we can actually start bonding and creating wonderful memories just by being together, not because we are “doing stuff.”  Some of my best memories from childhood summer days were simply playing in the neighborhood with my friends.  

Lord, bless me with some extra patience in the coming days.  Help me to put aside my selfishness to stick to this plan.  We need unplugged.  We need to connect through simply being together, old school style.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

You all, I’m posting this as an accountability measure.  Ask me in a day how it’s going 😉

Blessings! 💕

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