Open Door

You all, I am sitting here and started to journal but wanted to share this with you instead.  I’m on the brink of tears, joyous ones.  It’s no secret the past 18-months have been an incredible struggle:  moving, trying to navigate a new area/social circles, and then the devastating loss of my mother-in-law.  I have cried many, many tears of sadness.  But today, my eyes are filled with tears of joy and plain amazement at my journey over the past 18 months.

July 21 will mark the three year anniversary of hearing God’s call for my life.  In one week, on July 21, I will be attending She Speaks 2017 (along with hundreds of other women).  In one week, I will have the opportunity to sit down with a publisher to pitch my book.  This is especially amazing to me when I realize I didn’t get serious about obeying God’s command to write until October 2016.  Within six months, I had a draft manuscript completed – and this was by God’s guidance alone.  I could never have accomplished such a task.  And in the past two months, I’ve really listened to God’s call for me to narrow down my topic to focus on rest.

I have battled numerous emotions, and I know the next few days will also be difficult at times.  The enemy is trying to drag me down, and there are moments when I think he might succeed.  I am so insanely blessed to serve such an amazing God who continues to speak peace into my life.  I am blessed He has surrounded me with so many wonderful family members and friends who continually support me on my journey.  I am blessed to have connected with women who will also be attending the conference, and have been encouraged by so many of these beautiful ladies.  I know my nerves will get to me at times, and I am really walking out of my comfort zone, but I am overjoyed for the friendships and connections I know God will send my way.

A sermon by my pastor a few weeks back discussed Revelation 3:7-13, the letter to the Church in Philadelphia.  In it, my pastor talked about this door and how God is knocking. He’s trying to get our attention; it’s up to us to slow down and hear the knock, then open the door, and then take the steps to walk through and faithfully trust in His plan . . . even when it seems impossible.  Three years ago, I heard the knock.  I opened the door.  I couldn’t cross the threshold, though.  Too many other things grabbed – and won – my attention.  Since moving to Ohio and being isolated from my old life, I’ve been able to take those steps across the threshold.  I have no idea what the future holds.  I am taking baby steps with a blindfold across my eyes, hands held out reaching for God’s guidance so I don’t fall.  I will stumble, but God is there to catch me.  I may fall, but God will pick me back up.

It has always been a dream of mine to write a book.  Not get published, but to complete a book.  Praise God, that dream has been realized.  So now, I’m dreaming big.  I’m praying boldly.  My dream is to become a published Christian author, and to spend my days writing to glorify God and encourage other women along their way.  I know this for a fact: if my dream is in alignment with God’s plans for me, He will see it to completion.  If His dream is a little different than mine, I know it is going to be far more amazing than anything I can imagine.  Earlier in my life, I would have thought this dream was too impossible.  Too big.  But as a card from a dear, dear friend reminded me, “Nothing is impossible with God” (Matthew 19:26).

Dream big, sisters.  Pray boldly.  Listen for the knock, open the door, and be strengthened to walk through to the amazing path God has in store just for you.


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