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Do you feel overwhelmed trying to decide what to read in the Bible?  I do.

At first, I felt uncomfortable reading the Bible out of order.  I mean, isn’t it meant to be read like an actual book?  Being orderly, I have repeatedly opened up to Genesis as a starting point.  As soon as I hit Leviticus, though, I lose steam.  

Soon after I began attending church again in 2013, the pastor suggested Romans as a starting point for new believers.  I read Romans, then again felt a little lost.  

I’ve heard the suggestion of using the topical index guide as a point of reference.  Occasionally, I take this route but it seems to take a lot of work.  Not that work scares me; oftentimes, my quiet time is limited by life around me.  Instead of spending quality time in Scripture, I am looking up different verses and not trying to connect.

These days, I usually find Bible plans on You Version.  I participate in the First 5 app’s study.  Every now and then, I feel God calling me to a certain book and will read it in obedience.

Other times, though, I feel like exploring Scripture on my own.  But where to start?

As I prepared for She Speaks, I met a new friend who introduced me to King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20.  I had never heard of him!  I excitedly turned to the story in my Bible and soaked up the words.  I love the message, and it calmed my nerves as I prepared for publisher appointments.

In honor of this experience, and the excitement reading something new brings, I challenge you this week to share your favorite story in the Bible with me.  Don’t tell me the story, but rather comment with the Scripture address.  I will compile these in a list and share them, so everyone who follows my blog will benefit!  This will be a fun way to learn some new stories or verses, and give us fresh places to start in the Bible when we feel our quiet time getting stale.

Please comment or message me, and we will encourage each other!!  Being in God’s Word and continuing to familiarize ourselves with Scripture is the best way to grow closer to God and guard ourselves against the enemy.  Thank you for joining me in this challenge!

The Scriptures I would encourage you to read are: Joshua 10:1-14, 2 Chronicles 20, and 1 Peter 5:6-11.

Blessings šŸ’•

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