Limping is an indicator…Blog #6

My friend posted this today. I certainly have limps in my life that need acknowledged and healed…what about you?

LadyMi: Thoughts Of My Heart

Yesterday, I fell down the stairs. It was a slow, dramatic moment, that ended with me looking around to see if anyone was watching. I swear my life is an episode of Punk’d sometimes! But this fall began with slippery feet, expanded into a lost of step, and ended with my body plummeting towards the bottom of the stairs, behind my feet. Every moment of the fall was drastic. I felt it as my hands tried hard to brace my body, as my foot flipped backwards underneath my core, and as my back hit the wall for support. I was losing this physical battle, but was driven to continue the mission that I had in mind prior to the fall occurring. So I ignored the pain and continued on like nothing happened. I refused to let this fall become a hindrance, until…


This morning I woke up, put…

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