Teach Me To Pray: Gratitude

“Gratitude is a dialysis of sorts, it flushed the self-pity out of our systems.” Max Lucado

I glanced at the clock as my hands firmly gripped the steering wheel. 11:20. I always get behind slow drivers when I am in a rush. I loathe being late anywhere, but especially to pick up any of my kids. The rain poured down as the driver seemingly noticed my frustration and ever so slightly slowed down. Not so nice thoughts began to fill my mind as my pulse quickened. Ever so quietly, I heard a whisper: gratitude. 

I stopped the spiraling negative thoughts and instead lifted up prayers.

Thank You, Lord, for this driver who is causing me to slow down. The road conditions aren’t great, and I should be going slow.

Lord, be with this driver. Allow them to safely reach their destination.

I’ll admit, at first my prayers were more sarcastic than sincere. A funny thing happened, though. I began to be more sincere in my prayers while peace filled my soul, replacing the anxiety I felt just moments earlier.

Focus on gratitude, not attitude.

One of my favorite exercises from Max Lucado’s book “Before Amen” is the alphabet gratitude exercise. Grab a pen, a piece of paper, and join me.

Autumn – crisp, colorful, fall leaves and sweater-weather

Books – I love reading!

Colin and Caitlin – my favorite C’s in the world!

Der Dutchman donuts!

Early morning prayer time

Family and friends 💕

God – I wouldn’t be here without Him! 

Holy Spirit – and the convictions of this past year, helping me to grow in my faith.

Indiana basketball, lol. Lots of great childhood memories watching the Hoosiers!

Jesus – so grateful for His sacrifice to die for us sinners so we can have eternal life with our Creator!

Kind people

Lauren – my sweet firstborn daughter!


Neighbors-turned-friends – Four of my closest friends were neighbors first. So thankful God placed us in Woods and Irons, and as an extension, I am grateful for friendships that transcend distance!

Owls 😊

Pizza – mmmmm pizza

Quilts made by family members. I have a quilt made by my great-great grandmother on my mom’s side, beautiful quilt wall-hangings made by my grandma on my dad’s side, and another quilt made my by aunt. 

Rainbows – a sign of God’s promise to us!

St. Joan of Arc – the Bible study through this church has been fabulous, and I adore the women in my small group

Troy – through the good and bad, his support for me never ceases.

Umbrellas 🌂 

Van – I never wanted one, but I am so grateful for a safe and reliable vehicle to shuffle my children to and from activities

Walks with my children! We recently took a “spooky” night walk, and it was so fun listening to them make up stories!

X-rays 😂

You, sweet reader! I appreciate your support on my journey!

Zany children – they crack me up!

Some letters, it’s tough! I encourage you to try it though. There’s nothing more uplifting than focusing on all the wonderful blessings God bestows on you.

If you message me your gratitude list or post it on my Facebook page, you’ll earn two entries for this month’s giveaway!

To God be the glory!

Jennifer 💕

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