Praise Break! Advent Day 4

Lurking deep within your heart is a passion. I suspect you have an inkling what this passion is, but fear keeps you from giving it a voice. Fear keeps you from pursuing it. The enemy likes to feed you lies, such as you aren’t worthy, capable, or enough to accomplish this hidden dream.

God created you uniquely and wonderfully. He placed this passion in your heart, and He wants you to live out this purpose! You, friend, have a special purpose in this life.

Maybe you are shaking your head at these words. Not me, you think. But yes, you.

Perhaps fear keeps you from even thinking about what your heart desires.

Possibly your passion seems . . . odd. It doesn’t make sense. You don’t know how God could use it for His glory.

I get it. For years, fear suppressed my passion. Lies filled my head. Uncertainty crept in each time I began to explore what I believe is God’s call on my life.

Today, though, let’s take a break. A praise break.

Let us praise God for the passions on our heart.

Let us thank Him for a dream given to us.

Let us trust the Author of our life by giving voice to our dreams.

Let us pray to Him for courage and strength to walk our unique path with our head held high.

Let us praise Him, in advance, for this mighty work He has called us to and which He will accomplish through us.

He is a good, good Father who “specializes in the impossible.” (For All by Sacred Holidays, pg. 57)

Dream the dream, walk the walk, and trust.


Jennifer 💕

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