Who Is The Favored One? Advent Day 5

Last night, I attended an event at a local church. The speaker addressed the crowd of women, “Hail, favored ones!” This is the address the angel Gabriel used when he appeared to Mary. He then informed her she had been chosen by God to do an incredible work: conceive and bear the Son of God.

Mary had her doubts, asking the angel how that would happen. She had a choice: to accept this calling from God, or to reject it. She cast her fears aside and answered this call from God, and God equipped her to fulfill this specific purpose.

Friends, we are like Mary in so many ways.

– We are all chosen by God. We should walk around with heads held high and greeting our fellow sisters, “Hail, favored one!”

– We are all called to do something wonderful, special, and unique for God’s Kingdom. It’s a job only you can do. God created each one of us to fulfill this very important work.

– We will likely doubt this call. Lies fill our minds: I can’t do it. I’m not the right person. There’s someone better than me.

– We have a choice. We can accept God’s call, or we can reject it. As the speaker said last night, how tragic it would be for any one of us to reject God’s call. We have a God-given purpose and the Kingdom needs us.

– God will equip us. He has already been preparing us, and He will be with us throughout the journey.

If you haven’t read Luke 1:26-38 lately, go grab your Bible and flip open to this beautiful story. Without Mary, Jesus wouldn’t have entered this world and we wouldn’t have been reconciled with God. Without you, favored one, an important Kingdom job won’t be accomplished.


Jennifer 💕

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