Advent Day 8

And out of nowhere, we find ourselves a mere two weeks from Christmas. Where does the time go? I imagine your schedule, like mine, seems to be getting a little crazier. Last minute shopping, wrapping, Christmas cards, school parties and work parties fill our calendars. Perhaps you, like me, are starting to think through the logistics of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: which church service will we attend, what will we make for dinner, where will everyone sleep, what do I need to get? It is easy to get lost in the daily details and lose focus.

Friend, let us stay on track. This announcement to the shepherds brought great joy! After thousands of years, God’s promise came in the form of a baby in a manger. Good news of great joy! For all people! Not just for the Israelites, but for the Gentiles too. Jesus came down so you and I have hope. The hope of eternal life!

For me, hope is what this Advent season is about. The hope born with Jesus is cause for joy. Take the time to let the joy fill your heart!


Jennifer 💕

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