What is Possible? Advent Day 10


Pretty simple, folks!

Or is it…Here’s my struggle.

I believe God can do anything. I do. I trust Scripture, and I wholeheartedly believe all Scripture is breathed out by God (2 Timothy 3:16). I believe God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. I believe in the miraculous conception of Jesus.But when it comes to me? Sure, I know God can do anything . . . but I don’t always believe He will.

Why me? I struggle with my faith at times. I don’t always remember to praise Him for the blessings in my life. Sometimes, I get downright angry with Him. I pray knowing with all my heart God can do anything, but not believing He will for me.

Whenever I read the story of Jesus’ birth, I am always blown away by Mary’s full surrender and trust in God. But as I read today, something our pastor said this past Sunday came to mind. We read about Mary accepting this task, then we read about Mary singing her song of praise when she meets with Elizabeth. It reads as though these events happened very close together. In fact, Mary traveled around 100 miles to get to Elizabeth. I wonder what went through her head on this long journey. Did she wrestle with doubt? Did she wonder if God really would come through?

Mary and I will have a talk one day. For now, we are left with only what Scripture tells us. And Scripture reminds us nothing is impossible for God. God loves each one of us so much more than our minds can comprehend. So yes, God can and will do anything for me. For you.

Tonight, reflect on something God has done for you that seemed impossible. I would love to hear what He has done in your life!


Jennifer 💕

One thought on “What is Possible? Advent Day 10

  1. Tina says:

    Thanks for this reminder! I needed this today. God has been faithful and sometimes I forget or maybe lose sight because of unanswered prayers or no’s that I’ve received. I appreciate your transparency. It helps me to be honest with myself about doubts or fears that I let creep in. Thanks:)

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