What’s The Word? – Advent Day 14

I think it’s Day 14? This month has been a little (well, a lot…let’s be real) crazier than I wanted.

I love how God just speaks to my heart when I need it most. He is a loving, gracious Father.

Our pastor used stairs to illustrate what Jesus did. We constantly strive the climb the stairs of success, imagining how much better life will be at the top. But Jesus, He came down. He left His palace, full of angels praising Him continuously, to come down and be born in a humble manner and to die the most humiliating death imaginable. For me. For you. For all.

The Advent study today touched on this same truth. The Word became flesh.

No matter what we’ve done, or where we’ve been, or how awful our past seems . . . Jesus came down to reconcile us with God. He loves us so much, He gave up His place on high to be a humble servant.

As I find myself struggling to “do it all” this month, God just reminded me today of my need to just enjoy the most wonderful gift ever given: Jesus.

The closer we get to the 25th, the crazier our days will be. Won’t you join me and slow down? Schedule time with Jesus each day. Enjoy the best present – His presence.


Jennifer 💕

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