I Know It’s Important, But . . .

Straightening my room one afternoon, I found myself chatting with God. I had recently finished reading Romans and wasn’t sure where to go next. God spoke to me, urging me to read through the entire Old Testament. I argued with Him.

I don’t have time to do that, Lord! Plus, I’ve already tried. I cannot make it through Leviticus!

Again, I felt Him impressing the importance of this request on my heart. So I responded with a condition:

Okay, God. If ever I find myself on bed rest, I will read through the entire Old Testament.

I was, in fact, pregnant when I gave him this conditional yes. However, I gave Him this answer because it seemed to be the most ludicrous idea ever. Following one miscarriage, I had given birth to two healthy babies with no problems. Bed rest seemed as ridiculous as unicorns.

But God . . .

I had recently returned to church and determined to be an “all-in” Christian. I attended Bible study, prayed, and read my Bible. I wanted to learn as much about Him as possible. I desired a relationship with Him. But . . . I also found myself in a busy season.

Have you ever found yourself in this place? As a Christian, you know why it is important to read the Bible. Yet, you struggle to make it a priority every day.

I get it! This past summer I really struggled to consistently get in God’s Word. I vowed to change this, though. Starting last month, I have been intentional in opening my Bible and reading it . . . even on the weekends! (Even in good seasons, I took the weekends off. I do not recommend this.)

My focus this month will be on Scripture. I’ll give some advice on where, when, and how to read the Bible. There is no better time than now to start making this a priority. If you are waiting for life to slow down, know that it won’t. Not unless God does something dramatic in your life like He did in mine. A few months after I gave God my conditional yes, He intervened and my condition came to fruition. I found myself on bed rest for the remaining nine weeks of my pregnancy. (And yes, I did read the Old Testament like I told Him I would!)

This month, I am reading through 1 Samuel and invite you to join me! There are 31 chapters to correspond with the 31 days of October. You can email me at jennifer.andes@gmail.com and let me know you are in! Let’s do this together. I am praying for God to show up in a unique way for you this month!

In pursuit of Him,


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