Believe – Day Three

“It’s good that you believe that God is one. Ha! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble with fear.” (James 2:19, CEB) This Scripture changed me. I had no idea demons believe in God. I thought belief in God equated to Christianity.

James states that faith without works is dead. I know this is a difficult passage to understand. I’ve wrestled through this one myself, and here is what I know: to say you believe in God is not enough.

When you make the decision to invite Christ into your life (you repent for your sins, thank Him for His sacrifice, and consciously choose to walk in His ways), YOU WILL BE CHANGED. Good works will naturally occur as your heart is changed. I think this is what James meant when he said faith without works is dead.

I look back on my life, and I see this. I believed in God’s existence, but I did not live for Him. I only followed the commands I deemed important. I attempted to be a good person, but not for Him. I did nothing to glorify Him or further His Kingdom. My faith was dead.

On March 26, 2014, I made a conscious and intentional decision to follow Jesus. Through tear-stained eyes, on my knees, I gave my life to God and promised to trust in Him no matter what. This decision came hours after hearing my obstetrician tell me she had grave concerns about my 20-week in utero daughter.

My faith transformed from head knowledge to heart knowledge of His existence. I not only believed, I needed Him. He changed me. Now, I lean into Him, trust Him, and strive to live my life for Him. I am a sinner saved by the unimaginable grace of God. I will spend all my days praising Him and encouraging others to seek Him above all else. Don’t just believe, but have life-changing belief.

In pursuit of Him,


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