Share – Day Five

In the Great Commission, Jesus tasked his disciples to go and spread the Good News around the world. They were to make more disciples, who would then go make more disciples, and so forth. The Great Commission did not just apply to the apostles; as Christians, we are all called to share the Gospel!

The easiest way, I’ve found, to share Jesus with others is through the power of your own testimony. It is the unique path God paved for you and He will use it to reach people. I have hesitated for a long time to focus on sharing about my own conversion of the heart because it seems so ordinary. I haven’t overcome addiction or faced death. My tendency to compare myself to other Christians opens the door for the enemy to whisper lies to me.

The truth is, I asked God to reveal the moment I fully trusted in Him . . . and He did. Then He gave me my own version of the Great Commission: to share it with others. My ordinary story turned extraordinary when God took over. In full surrender to Him, I found the piece of my heart that had been missing for so long. I looked in all the wrong places: people, things, money, and myself.

All Christians have a God-story to tell. He will use your unique voice to make connections and lead people to Him. You may never know the impact of your story, but when you share what He has done in your life, you are planting seeds. The more you share, the more seeds you plant.

Share away, my friends. I personally LOVE to hear the testimony of others, and invite you to share them in the comments. Take the step in faith and scatter the seeds God gave you.

In pursuit of Him,



2 thoughts on “Share – Day Five

  1. Mamma Needs Coffee says:

    This post really spoke to my heart. I have kept from sharing my testimony for a long time. I have always been afraid of sharing it or even talking about my faith with family and friends (mostly with family) because I am afraid of having my past shoved in my face and being told I have no place to talk about God. I have made a lot of mistakes, but I believe God can use me where I am at and can use my past to help others. A friend told me recently to not let the past define who I am now. I just need to not let the fear cripple me.


    • jenniferandes2014 says:

      Oh friend, I understand this fear. Fear is not from God though. The enemy wants to keep you from sharing your story. Jesus came for the sinners, not the righteous. If your heart is for Jesus, then you have a place to talk about God! We have all made mistakes. God has already forgiven and forgotten them! I am cheering you on and encouraging you to start sharing your story! Someone needs to hear it 💕


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