Belong – Day 6

I attended Bible study for months. I didn’t know what a relationship with Christ meant, but these women did. I sat silently for weeks, savoring their insights and wondering if I belonged.

While I never felt excluded by them, I never felt I fit, either. I didn’t believe it was possible for me to have a relationship with God like these ladies. They recited Scripture without looking it up. They recalled Biblical stories I hadn’t heard. They voluntarily prayed (out loud!) with beautiful, heartfelt words.

The enemy whispered, “You don’t belong.” I entertained his argument: I relied on the Bible’s index to lead me to the right place. I didn’t know Scripture well enough to share insights from stories, let alone memorize verses. My prayers were a cacophony of words I remembered from childhood. I lacked confidence in silent prayer and could not imagine uttering words out loud. The enemy declared these women would laugh at me. They’d call me out on how little I knew. They would judge me if I volunteered to pray.

I refused to give up. Some days led my to tears, but I kept going.

Finally, I realized these women were my sisters in Christ, not petty women judging me for my spiritual shortcomings. They supported me. They cheered me on. They prayed with me, for me.

Total surrender led to a transformation of my heart. When I gave my life to Jesus, the Holy Spirit filled me with a desire to share about God’s grace and mercy. I discovered what the enemy knew all along: I belonged. The power of Christian community scares him. God has plans for me, but the enemy wanted me to feel like an outsider.

Maybe you find yourself in a place of wanting to belong but feeling less than. Know that is the enemy whispering in your ear.

God, He is calling you: You do matter. I have plans for you. I have people for you. I sent Jesus to die for you. Come. Join Me. Join us. Let me in and watch the transformation. I’ve got you. You belong with Me.

In pursuit of Him,


This series is a part of a writing challenge in the community Five Minute Fridays. Check it out and join in! 

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