Comfort – Day 8

God comforted me through people and music in the days following the difficult phone call with my obstetrician. I surrendered my life to His will, and instantly He orchestrated everything my family needed to get us through the next difficult days.

My best friend accompanied me to an appointment the following day. She chatted with me and tried to keep my mind occupied as I sat with my head down in the waiting room. I didn’t want to see other happy pregnant women. After I melted down during the blood draw, the nurses went and brought her back to me.

The nurses comforted me with their words and actions. They led us to a side door so I wouldn’t have to walk back through the waiting room.

I posted a vague prayer request on Facebook and God comforted me through the people who posted their favorite Scriptures for hard times. I have a notebook with three pages full of verses that I have since shared with others going through a difficult season.

I listened to the song “Broken Hallelujah” by The Afters on repeat those days. I remember crying in bed one morning and sharing this song with my husband. I offered up my broken Hallelujah: Lord, I don’t know what You have planned but I choose to trust in You. Crying through the songs comforted me.

God also filled me with an unexplainable peace. I had no idea what the high risk testing would hold for us, but I felt peace through my sadness. Peace through my tears. Peace through my wonderings. Peace through my rabbit-hole what-if scenarios. I just knew God would work it all out for His good.

God is my comfort. Forever and always.

In pursuit of Him,


**This is part of a writing challenge hosted by Five Minute Friday. I was unable to find the time to do this yesterday, so I’ll be posting two today in order to catch up! Check out the challenge and join in the fun!

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