When You Find Yourself Flat On The Pavement

Do not rejoice over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will stand up; though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.” Micah 7:8, CSB

The faint scar on my elbow and knee remind me of my first bike accident when I was eight years old. The breeze produced by my quick pedaling kissed my face. Seconds later, I found myself bloodied and bruised on a small patch of gravel. A neighbor gently picked me up and carried me home. My mom tended my injuries and encouraged me to get back on the bike. I did, despite the fear of falling threatening to keep me from this normal activity.

My spiritual life mirrors this bike accident, playing on a loop. I try to ride a straight path toward Christ but I keep finding myself on the ground. I carefully pedal toward Him, moving a little faster with each boost in confidence. I hit a rhythm and start thinking “I’ve got this”and before I know it, I am flat on the pavement again. Temptation invades my heart and lures me down the gravely path to sin.

Right where the enemy wants me.

The prophet Micah tells us the enemy wants to claim victory over our falls. He finds delight in our distraction. We cannot do the work God set before us in this emotional state. Make no mistake: sin is a part of our lives here on earth, no matter how hard we try to fight temptation. Paul tells us in Romans that all have sinned (3:23).

We have a choice to make: stand up or sit in the darkness.

I permitted myself to wallow in the pain of the fall in the past. I welcomed the guilt. I basked in the lies. I nursed my wounds. I feared falling again, and the temptation to remain on the ground was strong. I chose to stay down.

This verse encourages us to embrace the victory of Jesus: “Do not rejoice over me, my enemy!” (my emphasis) Jesus came as the Light of the world and defeated the darkness. Falling doesn’t disqualify us from triumph of the cross! We may temporarily sit in the darkness, but the Lord is an eternal Light. We will rise again, each and every time, with the hands of Jesus. Allowing His help dispels our fear of falling.

I am learning to quickly get back up and welcome the aid of my Savior. He is always ready and waiting with outstretched arms to bring me to my feet. Don’t allow the enemy to believe he has achieved victory in your tumble. You will never fall so far that God cannot reach you. Grab His hand, brush yourself off, repent, and ride again.

Chasing Christ,


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