Summer Challenge: Just Be

My husband and I attended my cousin’s wedding last weekend, and God spoke to me through words intended for the newly betrothed couple. The presiding priest encouraged my cousin and his bride to carve out time every once in a while to just be. He reminded them how chaotic and crazy this life is at times, so he instructed them to intentionally take the time to just be present with the Lord and each other. The message crafted for this young couple embarking on a new chapter in their lives fanned an ember that has been simmering in my soul.

May was chaotic and crazy. As a mom with school-aged kids, this came as no surprise. I’ve seen bloggers labeling this phenomenon as “Maycember.” No matter how prepared or intentional I tried to be, May ruled me. My youngest finished up pre-K on May 10. The plus? We enjoyed two and a half weeks of fun before adding her siblings to the mix. The delta? Goodbye consistent quiet time! More often than not, I used the time when she was in school to read my Bible, write, work through studies, pray, journal, and read for fun. And just like every previous year, I struggle to find a routine when any number of my kids are regularly home.

It is in this struggle that I tend to fall further into legalism: believing I have to “do” in order to be loved by God. Stress creeps in as I believe I need to do x, y, and z in order for God to love me. I think He will take away His purpose for me, along with His grace.

My head knows this is a lie. Nothing I “do” will make me worthy of God’s love and forgiveness. It is through Christ’s work on the Cross that I have been adopted and accepted, loved and forgiven, and gifted eternal life. My heart struggles, though.

Throughout May, I felt the Lord asking me to just be. The message came full circle on June 1 at the nuptials of my family member. As you might remember, I’ve been doing a One Thing Faith Challenge. I started this in April with a sweet group of people. In April, we wrote out Scripture. In May, we prayed consistently. I’m now extending this challenge to everyone for the summer: be.

Be present with the Lord.

Be present with your family.

Set aside any agenda you have created for yourself that is not life-giving and just be.

It’s harder than it sounds.

I’m taking this summer to just be. I’m going to spend time sitting with the Lord and leaning in. I’m going to enjoy my family. I’m going to write without an agenda.

I’ll be back in September, blogging and hosting monthly faith challenges. In the meantime, I encourage you to join me in being. I’d love to hear what this looks like in your own life! Click the reply button and hit me up!

Chasing Christ,

Just Be

I pulled out this coloring devotional in order to just be with the Lord, meditating on a verse while I color. Two of my kiddos wanted to help me. Which is sweet, but also a little stressful for my OCD-ness about coloring in the lines…

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