Seeking Christ in Real Life

One of my challenges as a wanna-be writer is to identify my brand. If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I write on a variety of topics: parenting, grief, and the struggles of daily life. How do I turn that into a brand?

Here is what God keeps putting on my heart: Seek Christ in real life.


Real life, it’s hard. I am a Jesus girl. I am a wife. I am a stay-at-home mom with three kids. I am a friend. I am a daughter, a granddaughter. There are many roles I fill, and as you well know, it gets hectic. Some days, I balance my roles well. Other days, I praise God for his unending mercy and grace.

We live in a world of illusions. Social media allows users to paint the best picture of their lives to display to the world. I often fall into the trap of scrolling through my social media accounts and feeling discouraged. The social media comparison trap . . . It’s real, you all. I observe at the picture-perfect stories of my virtual friends and believe I am messing it all up: parenting, marriage, friendships, even my spiritual relationship. The enemy is using social media as a tool to tear down our confidence!

In my little piece of the worldwide web, I want to create a safe space. My life is far from perfect. I am a sinner. I need to seek Christ DAILY (hourly, by the minute!) just to survive. Maybe that seems a little dramatic? It’s true, though.

When I seek Him in my real, messy, hectic, amazing-but-frustrating-at-times, beautiful life, I remember six important verses. To receive my list of go-to Scripture, click here.

As I begin to plan new content for my website, THIS is what I encourage you all to do: seek Christ in real life. Look for Him in the joy-filled happenings and in the soul-crushing circumstances. Look for Him in the amazing and the mundane. Seek Him, and pursue Him.